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Welcome to Creed Coaching

I'm Dr Allison Creed,
Your Personal Coach.
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Start Being Who You Want To Be Today
I will work as your trusted partner and sounding board, offering you a confidential space to imagine a bigger you and build your unique brand.

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Mindful Leadership

Empower Your Career & Release Your Potential
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I’ll help you identify your strengths, challenge your thinking and assumptions, and give you practical tools and proven strategies to develop and sustain your best way of being.

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Work & Wellbeing

Get Out Of Your Head & Into Your Heart!
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As your coach, I’ll help you:
1. Gain insights to overcome fear and uncertainty
2. Find ways to turn things around
3. Stay focused on where you want to be

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Mindful Leadership

Release Your Potential to Create Positive Change.

Career & Wellbeing

Re-Imagine and Transform Your Worklife.


Tailored Workshops and Consulting Services.

Happy Hour

Book your coaching session today.

Allison Creed, PhD

Welcome to Creed Coaching

Having trouble making decisions, problem-solving, or managing conflict?

Frequently feel frustrated, anxious, or even guilty?

Want more flexibility, fulfilment, and joy in your life but struggling with motivation, inspiration, and how to find a way forward?

Start being who you want to be.

It’s time to start skipping to your own beat instead of someone elses.
Hello, I’m Dr Allison Creed. I will work as your trusted partner and sounding board, offering you a confidential space to imagine a bigger you. A ‘you’ that knows your strengths, can banish negative self-talk, and sustain your resilience to be strong and capable of influencing your career, wellbeing, and life circumstances. I’ll help you challenge your thinking and assumptions and give you practical tools and proven strategies to nurture your best way of being.

To succeed, you cannot afford to be a realist–Albert Bandura, 2008.

Ask yourself: Do I want to reach my potential? I already know you answer, so get in contact to book your introductory session to talk to me about your needs, desires, and dreams. I look forward to meeting and working with you.


I have known and worked with Allison and at all times her personal and professional integrity have been unquestionable. Allison is also very sensitive to the needs of others, being flexible where appropriate, and equally, she is very determined and goal-orientated.

Professor Karen Noble, Australian Catholic University/University of Southern Queensland

Allison has an especial genius for productive and successful collaboration – a quality which is hugely valuable in her current role at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Parshia Lee-Stecum, University of Melbourne

Dr Allison Creed is an experienced higher education professional and a published scholar and practitioner. Allison’s interpersonal style is culturally adept and approachable and she is demonstrably organized and action-orientated.

Professor Peter McIlveen Phd, University of Southern Queensland

Dr Creed is a well-respected educator and researcher as well as an engaging presenter of lectures, workshops, and conference presentations including vocational psychology and higher education. Allison has an ongoing academic fellowship with the Metaphor Lab at the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Professor Gerard Steen, University of Amsterdam

Five Steps to Your Success

Contact Me

Click the Contact Me! button to send an email or use the calendar to book your first session.

Happy Hour

Introductory conversation to decide if we will work together and then agreement on a time for our first coaching meeting.

Develop Coaching Plan

Establish an agreed foundation to tailor a productive and successful coaching relationship including goals and desired outcomes for the coaching timeline.

Implement Coaching Plan

Clarify your development needs through a series of coaching conversations and activities to help refine your needs and goals, explore responses and solutions to issues, and allow reflection.

Evaluation and Reflection

Together, we will regularly review the coaching relationship against your goals and desired outcomes to ensure focus is maintained on your identified development needs and personal and/or professional goals.

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