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Wondering if coaching can help you and how to find the right coach for you? In this blog, I’ll help you identify your perfect coach to unlock your potential.

Let’s begin with what a coach is not.

✘ A coach is not a therapist or a counsellor; they won’t treat your anxiety or depression.
✘ A coach is not a mentor or a consultant; they are not going to give you advice or tell you what to do.

Internationally recognised executive coach Carol Wilson offers a straight forward car driving analogy to explain these differences:

  • A therapist explores what is stopping you from driving the car;
  • A counsellor listens to your anxieties about the car;
  • A mentor shares tips about driving cars;
  • A consultant tells you how to drive the car;
  • A coach encourages and supports you in driving the car.

What does a coach do?

Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. Coaching can be solution focused and is always strength based. What is different about coaching is that it embodies partnership and choice in contrast to detachment and coercion.

My aim as a coach is always to empower individuals–younger, older and in between–with a vision of optimism toward their future; to recover your courage, unlock your resistance to change, and rediscover your sunshine. I believe that if I can help you imagine alternative routes to your goals and dreams, I can give you the possibility of crafting a natural and unique path for your career and wellbeing journey.

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How can coaching help me?

In the workplace, you might seek coaching to help you set goals, plan strategically, facilitate team work, career development or transition, performance mangement, or leadership development for instance.

Coaching can help with your personal and professional development irrespective of who you are or what it is that you do. It’s all about identifying and developing your strengths to build your capabilities for overcoming barriers and challenges so that you can fulfil your potential.

What makes a great coach?

A great coach sees things as they are, not worse than they are. According to personal life coach Tony Robbins,

A great coach has the ability to lead — to make things happen, maximize resources and inspire. In other words, they can see things better than they are and help you make that vision real and attainable.

How will I know I’ve chosen the right coach?

You have found the right coach if you feel a sense of progress after a couple of sessions, you have a sense of being comfortable with the coach, and you leave each session feeling more motivated or energised. You might notice that you have had an ‘Aha’ moment or two or you are feeling more energised to create a better balance in your working life. Most importantly, you are seeing the potential in working in partnership with your coach to step outside your comfort zone and tackle your resistance to change.

If you have a complaint about your coach, you can contact their professional organisation and they will take action. Another reason to choose a coach with professional membership.

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