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Career RaAM workshop

Workshop: CareerMETA4

Career | Employability | Sustainability

How will you benefit? This workshop will help you to use metaphorical thinking to:
- Foster dynamic conversations that shift your mindset
- Increase self-awareness and challenge self-limiting thinking
- Encourage career exploration aligned with your values and work that is meaningful to you.

You will be guided in recogising how metaphors are mirrors to your thoughts and feelings. You will explore the impact of different metaphors on your mindset in telling the story of your life and work to help shape and re-shape the way you engage with the world.

Participant testimonials:
- This was a great workshop! I learned some very useful ways of looking at career. The discussion in the groups as well as all together was really interesting and it was good to hear different points of view from people with various backgrounds. Pernille
- Thank you Allison! It has been a very enriching workshop with a great balance between your own expertise (very interesting research indeed on how to apply MIPVU to a real context) and group work. I've truly enjoyed it! Ana

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Duration: 3-hour session course
Cost: $720 AUD/Group up to 12 people (GST Inc.)


Workshop: The Lightning Wine Review

Networking | Teamwork | Wine Tasting

How will you benefit? This workshop will help you:
- Gain confidence in tasting, talking, and writing about wine in English
- Use metaphorical thinking to explain complex ideas and and think outside the box
- Extend your professional network

The Lightning Wine Review is an immersive and interactive networking event that delivers a gastronomic introduction to the power and persuasiveness of metaphor.

You will have fun while you learn how to use metaphorical thinking to describe and engage with your sensory and emotional reactions while tasting delicious boutique wine and have fun creating a winning wine review with your teammates.

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Duration and Cost: 2-hour session $48 AUD/person (GST Inc.); minimum 10 people
Exclusive offers include wine discounts on orders and special offers.
*All participants must be 18 years and over.


Workshop: Mindful Leadership

Leadership Profile Development

How will you benefit? This workshop will help you:
- Build self-confidence and self-awareness
- Model a mindful approach to leadership of yourself and others
- Use your maxims to create a leadership action plan
- 'Walk the Talk' for your own continuous development

You will be asked simple but provocative questions to guide you in creating a set of leadership maxims to communicate your passions, goals, and standards that define your leadership profile. Your maxims will help you ‘walk the talk’ to strengthen the leader you are and will become.

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Duration: 5 x 1hr session course
Cost: $1200 AUD/Group up to 12 people (GST Inc.)
Enrichment activities include:
1. Leadership Maxims Journal
2. Mindfulness Sessions
3. Leadership Action Plan

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Publications Sample

Career | Communication | Wine

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Presentations Sample

Career | Communication | Wine

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Invited Lectures and Workshops Sample

Career | Communication | Wine

1. Creed, A. (2020). Crafting Your Career: META4 Compass for Career Guidance. Invited pre-conference workshop presenter for the 13th International Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) Conference Online at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Hamar, Norway.
2. Creed, A. (2019). Authentic assessment strategies and design. Invited workshop for Marcus Oldham College, Geelong.
3. Creed, A. (2018). There’s a metaphor in my wine: She’s got legs! Invited workshop presenter with special guests at 2018 RaAM Hong Kong Polytechnic, PRC.
4. Creed, A. (2017). Waiter! There’s a metaphor in my wine. Invited workshop presenter at Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands.
5. Creed, A. (2015). Invited respondent for Roundtable at the Second NeuroHumanities Dialogue: Metaphors as Source of Creative Thought, Catania, Italy.
6. Creed, A. (2014). Wine and metaphor: Stylistic choices within an institutional framework. Invited plenary speaker at the International Stylistics Conference, Chongqing, PRC.

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